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Oakland rockers Electric Sister have been living the rock and roll dream this year. Having opened for Motley Crue and Kiss. October 2nd they are opening for Slash! After listening to their new album The Lost Art of Rock & Roll, they deserve each show they get with every giant of the genre. Their sound is pure straight up rock and roll and they have seemed to have found that lost art and perfected it as well. Their sound is a rather mature while still singing to the gods of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Vocalist Thadeus Gonzalez seems to have several voices within him. Sometimes you hear Foo Fighters vocalist Dave Grohl, and sometimes you hear Kiss frontman Paul Stanley. With the mixture of the two, you get what I would consider the perfect vocalist. Jason Lucero and Nicholas Hernandez have crafted their styles of dual guitar slinging to the perfect art by not overdoing it but giving you enough to have multiple eargasms within one song. Scott Richards and Eddie Colmenares provide a solid yet playful rhythms that fit that perfect puzzle that is Electric Sister.

From the opening track “New Mother Earth” to the last track “City of Night” Electric Sister displays their passion of all things rock. It’s their religion as explained in the song “Rock is Religion” singing ‘Rock is religion and religion is loud!’. Every song is filled with passion and energy and will surely have you rockin out like you did at your first concert.

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