New review – Frontrow Sessions

Frontrow Sessions has a new review of The Lost Art of Rock & Roll:

Electric Sister : The Lost Art of Rock & Roll

by: Domonic Rini

Oakland’s hard rockin metal act Electric Sister has unleashed a masterpiece that will no doubt leaving you in awe upon listening to this newest release. The Lost Art of Rock & Roll clocks in with straight up madness from beginning to end. The unrelentless power behind this latest effort has given the band an opportunity to perform at Sweden Rock Festival in 2012. We should know soon on if they get the nod for the travel across the pond.

Such tracks on the Lost Art of Rock & Roll with a lot of strength would have to be the opening track “New Mother Earth”. This song really sets the stage for the entire release. “I Want It All” give you the listener what you have been asking for and that is a catchy hooked tune that will definitely stay stuck in your head for days to come. Kinda has a Kiss kinda vibe to the guitar work in this one. “The Leper” starts off with a strong riff and the vocals continue the flow. A great rockin tune. One of my favorite tracks off this one would have to be “Monster Girl,” packed with a strong riff and great lyrics, this is a must listen to track. “Goddess” plugs in to your ears ready to demolish your senses. A nice riff and catchy verse and chorus. This track is probably good live. “Rock is Religion” clocks in and sounds off the anthem of this release. Great lyrics in this track. Extremely catchy song. I definitely winner in my book. “City of Night” is a nice feeling hard rockin track. Sorta sends me back a few decades…

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Swedish Rock Festival!

Killer news! Out of over 1000 bands Electric Sister has made it into a closed lottery of 115 bands to be selected to perform at the Swedish Rock Festival 2012! Confirmed bands are Motley Crue, Danko Jones, Lynyrd Skynyrd to name a few. Details annouced soon WE ARE READY FOR EUROPE! HORNS HIGH!

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New review – Metal Kaos

Metal Kaos has a new review of The Lost Art of Rock & Roll:

Electric Sister – The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll


Yes, it’s true there is a quite a strong movement towards the 80s with many bands trying to recreate that vintage atmosphere everyone likes to revisit from time to time. The good thing during this process is that many very good bands are formed ready to remind the old and teach the young how it was done some decades before. Of course, this might also indicate the lack of new ideas and fresh blood but this is a long discussion with no relevance in this review…

…since ELECTRIC SISTER manage to pull many aces from their sleeves mixing the Hard Rock vintage sound with many modern elements creating quite an interesting and powerful album.  “The Lost Art Of Rock & Roll” delivers groovy rhythms (ok, BUCKCHERRY came to mind) with nice guitar power chord progressions with the ‘dirty’ in-your-face attitude deeply inspired from the old Hard Rock days spiced up with Punk finishing touches. Goddess” and the self-titled song come strong with simple guitar structures but addictive leads wrapped around the distinct vocals by Thadeus Gonzalez. Listening carefully to the guitar phrases one can easily discover some Slash influences  in the US hard rockin’ tradition adding to the songs’ diversity and a distinct personality. Rock Is Religion” backs up my saying and even adds THE ANSWER in the influences list pumped with the Arena looking/sounding attitude. Echo Park” is a clean guitar based track that could be a classic power ballad if it lasted more than one and a half minute. But if it did, it would be boring and absolutely predictable walking the same path with bands like POISON or EXTREME making lose my interest. So, during 1’20” I did enjoy the smooth KANSAS-esque arpeggios and the excellent lower pitch Axl-like vocals (when Axl was actually singing) that builds a nice down-mood atmosphere that “City Of Night” destroys dusting off the cobwebs with a killer riff-based rhythm. The up-tempo groove with the awesome bass sound will blow your arse off your seat while the nice slide guitar work will offer some air-guitar quality time…

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New review – Celebrity Cafe

Celebrity Cafe has a new review of The Lost Art of Rock & Roll:

Electric Sister creates shockwaves with new album, ‘The Lost Art of Rock and Roll’

Brylee Plyshevsky

Hot on the heels (or should that be behind the back burner) of the return of glam rock come Electric Sister, the formidable five piece hailing from the shiny shores of San Francisco but sharing equal time in Oakland.

Entitled The Lost Art of Rock and Roll, Electric Sister attempts to revive what they claim to be “lost” by bellowing into its body with melodic screams, smashing its brain with heavy percussion and blasting its ears with massive riffs. Title and standout track, “The Lost Art of Rock n Roll,” is enough to make ears bleed in the way only the best rock can make them and contains enough power chords to fill an auditorium – the only place this music should be experienced.

From track 7, “Rock Is Religion,” comes possibly the most poetic line of the album – “I need an angel as fucked up as I am,” but that’s okay because no one listens to this kind of rock for the words….

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The Lost Art of Rock & Roll is out!

The Lost Art of Rock & Roll was released today to already rave reviews and positive press. The release hit, CDBaby and iTunes., and many more. You can also get the CD on our online store, with vinyl and merchandise coming soon!

Stay tuned to this site for exclusive giveaways and contests over the coming weeks, and news about shows and tours. Be sure to also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (look for the icons on top of this site)!

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Hard Rock Hide Out has posted a killer review on their site

Electric Sister has come storming out of the gate with screaming vocals, big guitar riffs, and songs that demand massive replays. Revival rock just got a huge huge shot in the arm thanks to Electric Sister’s new CD, The Lost Art of Rock & Roll.

I can hear the influence of the bands Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Kiss intertwined in Electric Sister’s music. They manage to craft a bunch of cool tunes without sounding dated. Thadeus Gonzales voice kind of reminds me of Dave Grohl, after he has smoked a carton of cigarettes, and drank a fifth of whiskey (that is a good thing, in case you are wondering). His voice has that rough edge that makes the songs on The Lost Art of Rock and Roll more memorable. The twin guitar attack of Jason Lucero and Nicholas Hernandez complement’s Gonzalez’s voice nicely.

While there really isn’t a bad tune in the bunch on the CD, some of my favorites include “Monster Girl”, “The Lost Art of Rock & Roll”, “Rock is Religion” and “City of Night”.

It has been a while since I have heard a debut from a band as strong as this one. If you check out one new band in 2011, give Electric Sister a look. The Lost Art of Rock & Roll rocks hard and does not disappoint.

For more information on Electric Sister, please visit the band’s website at this link. You can score your own copy of The Last Art of Rock & Roll at, CDBaby and iTunes..

Rock & Roll might be a lost art, but Electric Sister has figured it out. Don’t miss out on this crank worthy CD!

See the review here.

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